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Over 30 Years of Experience

My father, Mike Brewer, opened a repair shop on the Mississippi gulf coast in 1971. From that shop, he trained me in the lost art of clock repair. After Hurricane Katrina, Dad relocated to Carrollton, Texas, where he is training my sister in the family business. Visit my dad's site at:

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Free Estimates

Bring your clock to my shop and I will give you a free consultation on what is wrong with your clock and how much it will cost to repair to working condition.

Authorized Howard Miller Service Representative

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House Calls

If your grandfather clock needs servicing, I go to the clock. It is generally necessary to remove the movement and take it to my shop. In my shop, I place the movement on a test stand and perform whatever diagnostics are necessary. After repairs, I return the movement to the clock case.

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Clean and Oil Clock


Sometimes the old oil dries and becomes like glue. We clean the mechanism in a sonic tank and re-oil all the pivots.

Repair or Replace Parts

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Hands, dials, pendulums, weights, winding springs, suspension springs, glass, cables, keys

Testing and Regulation


 After repairing the clock, I run the clock on a test stand to regulate the clock for accuracy, which usually about a week.

All Work Guaranteed

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All my work is guaranteed to your satisfaction. My typical turn-around time is approximately 10 days to two weeks, longer if I order parts.

We Repair all kinds of Clocks

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Wall clocks, mantle clocks, regulators, wind-up clocks, weight clocks, anniversary clocks, Tubular Clocks, Westminster clocks, striking clocks, chiming clocks, novelty clocks, cuckoos.

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